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Therapy Services

I am qualified Integrative and CBT Psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience including NHS, private sector- Priory Hospital and my own Private Practice. I am registered as a Psychotherapist with BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).


Individual Mindfulness Coaching

During individual Mindfulness coaching sessions, we can focus on specific issues adapting the interventions to your needs, learning style and goals. These sessions would help you develop more understanding of the nature of your issues and will equip you with practical methods of managing and overcoming them.


Low mood and depression

Both CBT and MBCT are recommended by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) treatments for depression. I have been offering these treatments to clients for over a decade both individually and in group settings. For more details on NICE recommendations, please see the link below.


Sports Psychotherapy

Focuses on improving the mental wellbeing of an athlete and sports performance by addressing anxiety, lack of concentration, and other issues that may arise for both amateur and professional athletes. It can include individual sessions with athletes as well as group work. My personal and devoted way of working provides integration of various approaches such as mindfulness, cognitive and behavioural therapy, guided visualization, applied relaxation techniques, motivational interviewing, and other techniques to achieve and maintain optimal results.


Anxiety and stress

Anxiety is an inherent part of our modern living and can often be stimulating, pushing us forward to achieve even more. But when it becomes too much and gets out of control, it starts affecting our quality of life and ability to function. Both psychotherapy and mindfulness are very effective ways of addressing anxiety and stress. The MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) program has been the most researched stress-reducing intervention over the past decade.

“Piotr is the most amazing therapist and has helped me to feel well again after I had very persistent anxiety, namely OCD. He is extremely professional and has a caring approach that makes you feel valued and not at all judged. He helped me see life with clarity when anxiety clouded my view and impacted my quality of life. He has equipped me with many useful tools to stay well. He is a highly trained therapist, and I would recommend him without question. I feel fortunate to have had his expertise at a challenging time. Thank you, Piotr!

-T Forrest, Balham


Habits and Addiction

Chemical and behavioural addictions are on the rise, and within the sports community, it isn’t rare. Athletes are at risk of developing addictions such as alcohol, opioid-based pain killers, stimulants, and performance enhancers. CBT, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness are very effective ways of supporting clients, and I have significant experience in this area. In 2007 as one of the first therapists in the UK, I trained with Professor Alan Marlatt in Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors. I worked as the primary therapist at Camden Stimulant and Alcohol Services for many years, effectively providing CBT and mindfulness-based treatments.

"I can't recommend Piotr enough. I was able to get my mind and life back on track after seeing him for few months. His approach, calmness and insights were key in making me feel comfortable and provided an environment where I could finally tackle my inner demons. I still struggle with some of the same thoughts/impulses but now I have Piotr's tools to stop me from acting on them and help me live my most fulfilling life. Thank you Piotr."

-Thanks, Heather S

Support Group

Individual MBCT/MBSR courses

I offer individual, adapted courses delivered in a format of nine sessions lasting 75 minutes each. These sessions will in-depth cover the whole MBCT/MBSR curriculum. The cost of the entire course, including materials, is only £945.